Wireless Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are now affordable and no longer complicated

Wirefield's Eye-Wi lighting control is a proven system with seven years of successful installations across commercial, industrial and retail premises

Wirefield’s Eye-Wi system in action

See how combining our high efficiency GTB LED luminaire with wireless controls can benefit your lighting installation. Always lighting the way ahead with no additional control wiring.

Eye-Wi - Proven, Trusted, Simple and Effective

Eye-Wi systems are installed in over 1,500 sites across the UK. Several have more than 5,000 luminaires operating in a single building or site.

Delivering a high-quality level of service to blue chip companies and SMEs alike with our range of lighting and control products, leading to reduced costs, power consumption and carbon footprint.

All products conform compliance with Radio Equipment Directive, RED 2014/53/EU and The Luminaire Standard (BS EN 60598).

Proven system: 27 years manufacturing lighting and 7 years of successful wireless control installations.

No complicated electrical installation – simply Live, Neutral and Earth.

Each wireless luminaire is programmed to operate using drag and drop menus.

Emergency lighting tests are run automatically and reports generated avoiding the need for manual recording of results.

Change individual luminaire operation to improve light usage without the need to alter any wiring.

No limit to the number of luminaires that can be controlled.

Full scalability - build up your scheme over time, across your site.

Full Wirefield commissioning and no ongoing licence costs.

Eye-Wi Lighting Control Options

Eye-Wi Products

Eye-Wi Products

A range of standalone energy efficient luminaires with integral sensors for daylight and presence detection.

These products are appropriate for smaller spaces which do not justify the cost of designing and installing remote controls or also for retro-fit projects where there would be significant costs to re-wire the installation.

Eye-Wi Solutions

Eye-Wi Solutions

A complete wireless solution using Eye-Wi technology for lighting control and emergency testing.

Fully engineered control solutions, complete with all the Eye-Wi products and controls which can be commissioned without any specialist knowledge.

We believe that to fully meet the end users’ expectations requires both expertise in lighting control systems and also experience of specifying an integrated control solution.

For more information on complete schemes with wireless intelligent lighting solutions, visit our Eye-Wi Solutions case studies.

More Examples of Eye-Wi in Action

The following videos demonstrate the application and energy savings offered by Eye-Wi Solutions and Eye-Wi Products in typical industrial, retail and commercial lighting scenarios.

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