Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are now affordable and no longer complicated

Wirefield's Eye.Wi lighting control is a proven system with four years of successful installations including blue chip clients with over 3000 devices per installation.

  • No complicated electrical installation.
  • No limit to the number of luminaires that can be controlled.
  • Each wireless luminaire is programmed to operate using drag and drop menus.
  • Change individual luminaire operation to improve light usage without the need to alter any wiring.
  • Emergency lighting tests are run automatically and reports generated avoiding the need for manual recording of results.
  • Compatible with all lamp types (LED, Fluorescent, HID) and all Driver Types (HF, DSI, DALI, 1-10v).

How Eye.Wi Compares to Legacy Lighting Control Systems

One Sensor Per Luminaire Eye.Wi Wireless Lighting Control
Re-use existing wiring Re-use existing wiring
No additional wiring for controls No additional wiring for controls
Fixed add-on cost per luminaire Fixed add-on cost per luminaire
Luminaires operate in isolation Luminaires operate in groups
Each sensor individually commissioned Sensors commissioned in groups
DALI Eye.Wi Wireless Lighting Control
Every luminaire addressable Every luminaire addressable
Overlapping groups Overlapping groups
Centralised emergency lighting reports Centralised emergency lighting reports
Can be re-configured (by DALI specialist) Simply reconfigured by user
Up to 64 DALI devices per network Infinite number of devices
Up to 16 DALI groups per network Infinite number of groups
Luminaires need a controller (LCM or BMS) No LCM or BMS required
Cost of controllers and DALI power supplies Not required
Cost of wiring DALI pair No additional wiring
LCM Eye.Wi Wireless Lighting Control
Lower installed cost than DALI Lower installed cost than DALI
Simple wiring – often plug-and-play No wiring required
Rewire to reconfigure groups Reconfigure groups with tablet
Groups cannot overlap Overlapping groups

Eye.Wi Lighting Control Options

Eye.Wi Products

Eye.Wi Products

A range of standalone energy efficient luminaires with integral sensors for daylight and presence detection.

These products are appropriate for smaller spaces which do not justify the cost of designing and installing remote controls or also for retro-fit projects where there would be significant costs to re-wire the installation.

Eye.Wi Solutions

Eye.Wi Solutions

A complete wireless solution using Eye.Wi technology for lighting control and emergency testing.

Fully engineered control solutions, complete with all the Eye.Wi products and controls which can be commissioned without any specialist knowledge.

We believe that to fully meet the end users’ expectations requires both expertise in lighting control systems and also experience of specifying an integrated control solution.

For more information on complete schemes with wireless intelligent lighting solutions, visit our Eye.Wi Solutions case studies.

Examples of Eye.Wi in Action

The following videos demonstrate the application and energy savings offered by Eye.Wi Solutions and Eye.Wi Products in typical industria, retail and commercial lighting scenarios.

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