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  • CRUX
  • /HMS: On/Off sensor (up to 13m)
    /HMS: On/Off sensor (up to 13m)
  • Hinged diffuser
    Hinged diffuser
  • Rear access for easy installation
    Rear access for easy installation

Ultra Long Life LED Luminaire. For maintenance free general, retail and commercial application.

An LED lowbay to replace traditional HID luminaires providing a fit and forget solution whilst offering spectacular energy savings. Offered with a choice of open fitting, opal or clear lens and an additional wire guard, the Crux is a versatile industrial luminaire.

Standard Features

  • High strength powder coated steel construction.
  • IP40 from below and IP20 from above.
  • Branded drivers for ultimate durability.
  • Available with opal or clear diffuser – supplied separately.
  • Available with EyeWi wireless controls.


  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Racking Aisles
  • Production Areas
  • Schools/Universities

Ambient Temperature Guidance

-20°C to +40°C

CRUX Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L A W D Kg LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
SLW100 1 x 90W 673 636 313 92 6.5
SLW120 1 x 120W 673 636 313 92 6.5
SLW150 1 x 150W 820 776 348 92 6.7
SLW180 1 x 180W 820 776 348 92 7.3
SLW210 1 x 210W 820 776 348 92 7.3

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/CRLENS2: Clear lens cover (100w & 120w version)

/CRLENS3: Clear lens cover(150w & 180w & 210w versions)

/HMS: On/Off integral microwave sensor (up to 13m)

/LSLV: Dali dimming

/M3: 3hr remote emergency

/OPLENS3: Opal lens cover for reduced glare (150w & 180w & 210w versions)

/OPLENSS2: Opal lens cover for reduced glare (100w & 120w version)

/WG100/120: Wire guard (100w & 120w version)

/WG150/180/210: Wire guard (150w & 180w & 210w versions)

Example order code:
SLW150/CRLENSS3 – A 150 watt LED Crux luminaire with clear lens cover.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

CRUX Dimensions

CRUX Dimensions

CRUX Datasheet

CRUX Photometry

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