Why GRP Weatherproofs?

Polycarbonate vs GRP: Fire Resistance Video

Hot Wire Test: Low Specification Plastic

GRP is

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to weather
  • Stronger
  • Fire Resistant
  • Suitable for ALL common applications
Feature Polycarbonate (PC) Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP/SMC)
Chemical resistence Generally weak resistence against industrial and households chemicals as well as hot steam Higher resistence against industrial and households chemicals (see table below for details)
Outdoor application Loss of strength because of embrittlement in 2 years Hardly measurable loss of strength in 20 years
Susceptibility to strain of corrosion High
(at the screws and cover fixing points)
Resistance to Ammonia Not resistant to the ammonia produced by some standard mains cable insulation Not affected by ammonia
Characteristic Mainly amorphous, eventually minerally filled, shock-resistant plastics with little absorption of water. Unsuitable for long-term dynamic load. Not melting or thermic deforming stiff plastic. Decomposition from ca. 400°C - short-term temperature loading  > 200° possible. No creepage or shrinkage
Reinforcement No reinforcement 20 - 25% glass fibre
Price stability PC price dependant on oil price SMC price independent from oil price
Classification Amorph Thermoplast Duroplast
Chemical basis Polycondensate from Bisphenol A Compound from UP-resin, glass fibre and non-organic filling materials
Melting point ca. 220° C Does not melt
Refractory deformation temperature ca. 145° C Does not deform
Permanent temperature resistance (+) ca. 125° C > 150°C
Permanent temperature resistance (-) Brittle -40°C (keeps the good features)
Coefficient of thermal expansion 0.7ˆ10-0.4 10ˆ10-6 (like steel)
Elasticity E-Modul ca. 2400 MPa ca. 9000 MPa
Tensile strength ca. 60 MPa ca. 55 MPa
Bending strength ca. 70 MPa ca. 150 MPa
Impact strength at RT Any break (unfilled) ca. 60 kJ
Impact strength at -30°C Any break (unfilled) ca. 65 kJ
Current leakage strength CTI 150 CTI 600
Glow wire test (1.5mm) Adjustable till 850°C Adjustable till 850°C