Ultra Long Life LED Amenity Lighting. For maintenance free industrial and commercial application.


Simplicity itself the RLED 15 (IP20) combines LED and Microwave technology in a single unit which replaces 2D luminaires without any rewiring. Halving the installed power and switching off when no-one is there could give you a 90% energy saving.

Standard Features

  • Polycarbonate body and diffuser
  • IP20
  • IK05
  • Optional chrome or brass decorative ring
  • Integral emergency optio


  • Corridor Lighting
  • Stairwell Lighting
  • Amenity Lighting

Ambient Temperature Guidance

-20°C to +30°C (excluding emergency)

PROLED50 RLED Specification Guide

Order Code Wattage Delivered Lumens (ta +25°C) System Efficacy (lm/W) CCT-K D (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
RLED15 15W 1,660 111 4000 117 430 1.5
RLED23 23W 2,470 107 4000 117 430 1.7
RLED29 29W 3,190 110 4000 117 430 1.7

To Order Features

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Driver Options

1-10v dimming

Sensor Options

Microwave with 10% on standby
Microwave sensor on/off
Slave luminaire for use with /FM21 master luminaire and optional remote sensors
Microwave sensor with corridor function

LED CCT Options


Emergency Options

Integral 3 hour emergency
Self Test Emergency

Accessory Options

Chrome decorative ring
Fused Terminal Block

PROLED50 RLED Dimensions

PROLED50 RLED Dimensions

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

PROLED50 RLED Photometry

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PROLED50 RLED Downloads