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  • COM65
  • Single LED weatherproof
    Single LED weatherproof
  • Twin LED weatherproof
    Twin LED weatherproof

Corrosion Resistant Luminaire. For general, industrial and commercial applications.

For use in demanding applications, both commercial and industrial, with high efficiency, non corrosive materials and long service life. Energy saving is combined with a long life.

Standard Features

  • Double diffused giving an evenly distributed light output with no glare.
  • High strength polycarbonate IP65 body and diffuser with poured rubber seal.
  • One piece stainless steel clips fitted as standard. Gland entry points at both ends and on the back of the body.
  • LED’s are mounted on a metal heat-sink with a separate driver.
  • Available with EyeWi wireless controls.


  • Warehousing
  • Car parks
  • Cold stores
  • Factories
  • Canopy lighting
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Preparation

Ambient Temperature Guidance

-20°C to +40°C

COM65 Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L A W D Kg LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
CPB415K 1 x 24W 1270 800 94 98 1.7
CPB515K 1 x 40W 1565 940 94 98 2.3
CPB615K 1 x 48W 1840 940 94 98 2.9
CPB425K 2 x 24W 1270 800 138 98 2.3
CPB525K 2 x 40W 1565 940 138 98 2.9
CPB625K 2 x 48W 1840 940 138 98 4.0

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/FP52SW: End mount PIR for 100%/10% switching

/HP52SW: End mount PIR for On/Off switching

/M3: 3hr integral emergency

Example order code:
CPB525K/M3 – A 2 x 40 watt LED corrosion resistant luminaire with high strength polycarbonate IP65 body, poured rubber seal and 3hr integral emergency back up.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

COM65 Dimensions

COM65 Dimensions

COM65 Datasheet

COM65 Photometry

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