Recessed modular direct / indirect luminaire.


A recessed LED luminaire Panel with micro-prismatic diffuser providing direct / indirect lighting. Suitable for 15mm - 24mm T-Bar or plasterboard installation (when used with optional mounting frame).

Standard Features

  • Steel body with translucent micro-prismatic diffuser.
  • Recessed mounted into a 15mm/24mm ceiling grid or plasterboard with optional kit - 500 x 500 version available.
  • Unique low glare design.
  • IP40.
  • IK05.
  • Integral emergency available.


  • Offices
  • Schools / Universities
  • Reception Areas
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Corridors
  • Retail

Ambient Temperature Guidance

0°C to +35°C (excluding emergency)

PROLED100 HLW Specification Guide

Order Code Wattage Delivered Lumens (ta +25°C) System Efficacy (lm/W) CCT-K L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg)
HLW2293K66 25W 3,244 132 3000 595 595 96 3.6
HLW2294K66 25W 3,419 139 4000 595 595 96 3.6
HLW2393K66 33W 4,415 134 3000 595 595 96 3.6
HLW2394K66 33W 4,678 142 4000 595 595 96 3.6

To Order Features

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Driver Options

Switch dimming control

Sensor Options

Integral Bluetooth wireless control
Corridor function - never off
Corridor function - off after 1 minute
Corridor function - off after 30 minutes

LED CCT Options

Tunable White 2700K to 6500K
Tunable White 2700K to 6500K with Bluetooth wireless control

Emergency Options

Integral 3 hour emergency with DALI interface
Integral 3 hour emergency
Integral 3 hour emergency with auto test function

Accessory Options

Plasterboard mounting frame for 595 x 595 HLW
Strain relief for power supply cable
RAL colour option - specify RAL colour
0.5m lead and Wieland 3 pin plug
0.5m lead and Wieland 5 pin DALI plug

PROLED100 HLW Dimensions

PROLED100 HLW Dimensions

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

PROLED100 HLW Photometry

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PROLED100 HLW Downloads