John Innes Centre Wireless Lighting Controls

John Innes Centre were investigating a bespoke energy saving solution to provide new LED lighting with dimming controls.

Wirefield attended site and proposed to upgrade all fittings to LED. This would provide an initial saving of around 50%.

However, having surveyed the site and discussed options with the client, Wirefield proposed their unique Eye-Wi control system to maximise energy savings. The Eye-Wi control brought a number of benefits -

  • Luminaire outputs can be turned down. Upon changing to LED from 2D bulkheads the stairwell was over lit – Eye-Wi provides this feature as standard
  • Luminaires could be installed on a one for one basis with no additional control wiring between fittings – allowing a one day installation with no client disruption
  • Linking the fittings together means that clients are always walking into a lit area whilst wireless control meant we could link across circuits up the stairwell
  • Emergency fittings are self-test and report any faults back to a tablet computer – reducing engineer time on site

After commissioning, meter reading were taken which indicate an energy saving of over 90%. This was achieved by –

  • Setting maximum luminaire outputs to 70% or 14w
  • Integral daylight sensors keep the fittings off during the day – maximising energy saving
  • Fittings dim to 10% and stay on when natural light is insufficient to provide a lit environment at all times
  • Fittings were linked in groups, maximising savings by only illuminating areas of use

The energy savings offered at John Innes demonstrate the potential and flexibility offered when combining Wirefield LED luminaires with the unique Eye-Wi system.