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Ex LED (Discontinued)

  • Ex LED
    Ex LED
  • /DD: Double Sided Sign Down Arrow
    /DD: Double Sided Sign Down Arrow
  • /DD: Double Sided Sign Down Arrow
    /DD: Double Sided Sign Down Arrow
  • /DL/R: Double Sided Sign Left or Right Arrow
    /DL/R: Double Sided Sign Left or Right Arrow
  • /SD: Single Sided Sign Down Arrow
    /SD: Single Sided Sign Down Arrow
  • /SL: Single Sided Sign Left Arrow
    /SL: Single Sided Sign Left Arrow
  • /SR: Single Sided Sign Right Arrow
    /SR: Single Sided Sign Right Arrow
  • Recessed EXLEDR
    Recessed EXLEDR
  • Surface Mount ELEDSM
    Surface Mount ELEDSM
  • Suspended EXLEDS
    Suspended EXLEDS

Ultra Long Life LED Emergency Exit Box. For maintenance free general, retail and commercial applications.

Ex LED is a high quality 3hr LED operated emergency exit sign and can be operated in maintained or non-maintained mode. Ex LED is also fitted with AuotTest as a standard feature. Designed for first fix installation, the first fix allows the installer to complete the mains (and data) wiring before decoration. Ex LED incorporates solid state LEDs in conjunction with SmartCharge™ technology reducing thermal temperatures on batteries and dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Standard Features

  • Light source 2 x 1 watt LED
  • Emergency duration of 3 hours minimum
  • Mains voltage 230 volts ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz AC
  • Internal Green + Red bi-colour LED indicator & test switch
  • Flexible mounting options available
  • 3 year warranty
  • Central battery or self contained
  • Integral test button/status indicator
  • Integral control gear for wall/ceiling
  • Remote control gear for recessed/ceiling
  • AutoTest technology provides the user with self contained automatic testing in compliance to IEC 62034
  • SmartCharge™ technology provides a full charge to the batteries for 16 hours and then reduces to 10% to maintain the charge. SmartCharge™ reduces energy consumption by up to 85% and reduces the operating temperature of NiMH batteries by up to 6°C
  • No visible fixings
  • IP20 rating
  • DALI emergency options enables the testing and monitoring of the emergency lighting system on site or via the internet
  • White finish

Special Requirements - Tube Assembly (suspended variants only) - It should be noted that the Recessed and Suspended variants are the same product, the only difference being the Suspended variant requires a tube assembly, highlighted by the illustration.Each tube measures 500mm in length as standard and is fully adjustable depending on the ceiling cavity.


  • Final Exit points
  • Corridor exits
  • Toilet exits

Ambient Temperature Guidance

LED: 0°C - +45°C

Ex LED Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
EXLEDM (Wall) 2 x 1W
EXLEDR (Recessed) 2 x 1W
EXLEDS (Suspended) 2 x 1W
EXLEDSM (Surface) 2 x 1W

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/DD: Double sided sign down arrow

/DL/R: Double sided sign left or right arrow

/E3L: 3hr maintained DALI emergency

/E3M: 3hr maintained emergency

/G: Grey colour

/SD: Single sided sign down arrow

/SL: Single sided sign left arrow

/SR: Single sided sign right arrow

Example order code:
EXLEDR/SR/E3L – A 2 x 1 watt Ex LED recessed luminaire with a singlee sided right pointing sign, incorporating 3hr maintained DALI in white

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Ex LED Dimensions

Ex LED Dimensions

Ex LED Datasheet

Ex LED Photometry

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