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Stair LED (Discontinued)

  • Stair LED
    Stair LED
  • Stair-LED

Ultra Long Life LED Wall Pack. For maintenance free industrial and commercial aplications.

Simplicity itself. The Stair LED combines LED and microwave technology in a single unit which replaces 2D luminaires without any rewiring. Halving the installed power and switching off when no-one is there could give you a 90% energy saving. The product provides full automatic testing in accordance with IEC 62034

Standard Features

  • Certified ingress protection to IP54
  • Equivalent to 28w 2D lamp
  • Polycarbonate housing and diffuser
  • 1000 luminaire lumens


  • Office emergency lighting
  • Auditorium emergency lighting
  • Lecture hall emergency lighting

Stair LED Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
SLED16/DECO 1 x 16W

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/FM00: Microwave with 10% on standby

/HM00: Microwave with 0% on standby (on/off switching)

/M3: Integral maintained three hour emergency

/S3: Integral self test emergency function

Example order code:
SLED16/DECO/M3 – A 16 watyt Stair LED luminaire with 10% standby dimming and 3 hour maintained emergency.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Stair LED Dimensions

Stair LED Dimensions

Stair LED Datasheet

Stair LED Photometry

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