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  • SPORT T5
    SPORT T5

Fluorescent luminaires Available With Built In Presence And Daylight Detection. Alternative to Highbay/Lowbay using T5 lamps.

The Eye Hi Sport is designed to cope with the onerous sports hall and gymnasium environment. Available as symmetrical or asymmetrical variants. A high efficiency high output luminaire provides an ideal solution to lighting from high level mounting positions common in multi-purpose sports halls. T5 as standard this luminaire utilises the very latest components to ensure this is an energy efficient luminaire.

Standard Features

  • Reinforced steel body for greater impact resistance
  • Hinged wire guard for ease of access
  • Efficiency and high output T5 lamp options that typically offer a 25,000 hour lamp life
  • Quick access panel for ease of installation

Intelligent Options

Our technical team can help you to design a practical solution for your specific needs. Please contact us so that we can assist you to consider the best options from our full range of lighting controls.


  • Sports Facilities

SPORT T5 Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L W D LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
HISP249/840 2 x 49W 1550 358 92
HISP254/840 2 x 54W 1250 358 92
HISP280/840 2 x 80W 1550 358 92
HISP449/840 4 x 49W 1550 358 92
HISP454/840 4 x 54W 1250 358 92
HISP480/840 4 x 80W 1550 358 92

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/M3: Integral maintained three hour emergency

/S3: Integral self test emergency function

Intelligent options: For sensor and control options please contact our technical team

Example order code:
HISP280/840 – A 2x80 watt T5 Hi Sport luminaire. Supplied complete with lamps.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

SPORT T5 Dimensions

SPORT T5 Dimensions

SPORT T5 Datasheet

SPORT T5 Photometry

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