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Lipack (Discontinued)

  • Lipack
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    Eye Pack Single
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    Eye Pack Twin

Fluorescent Batten Style Luminaires With Built In Presence And Daylight Detection. For general, industrial and commercial apllications.

Operates at 100% when presence is detected, and afterwards for 10 seconds to 12 minutes, then at 10% or off. Bright out facility so that the luminaire can be set to stay at 10% (or off) when sufficient daylight is available. Total off facility (factory option) allows, the luminaire to be set to initially dim to 10% then completely switch off after a further delay of up to 40 minutes. Designed and manufactured to comply with EN 60598 and are CE certified.

Standard Features

  • The LiPack fitting is suitable for general, industrial and commercial applications. 4ft or 5ft single and twins
  • High strength sheet metal resilient white body
  • High frequency control gear as standard
  • Polycarbonate lamp holders
  • Gland entry points at both ends, plus on back of body
  • Range of accessories available


  • Stock Rooms
  • Corridors
  • Plant Rooms
  • Factories
  • Warehousing

Ambient Temperature Guidance

High Frequency: -25°C - +30°C
Integral Emergency: 0°C - +25°C
10% standby: 0°C - +30°C

Lipack Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued Info
LP128/840 1 x 28W 1221
LP135/840 1 x 35W 1541
LP149/840 1 x 49W 1541
LP154/840 1 x 54W 1221
LP180/840 1 x 80W 1541
LP6221/840 2 x 21W 1784
LP228/840 2 x 28W 1221
LP8228/840 2 x 28W 2394
LP235/840 2 x 35W 1521
LP6239/840 2 x 39W 1784
LP249/840 2 x 49W 1521
LP254/840 2 x 54W 1221
LP8254/840 2 x 54W 2394
LP280/840 2 x 80W 1521
LP6421/840 4 x 21W 1784
LP8428/840 4 x 28W 2394
LP6439/840 4 x 39W 1784
LP8454/840 4 x 54W 2394

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/FP01: PIR with 10% on standby

/FP07: PIR with extended delay up to 30 minutes

/FSLV: Slave luminaire for use with /FP01 or /FP07 master luminaire

/FTB: Fused terminal block

/M3: Integral maintained three hour emergency

/MEC: Metal end caps (always supplied with the LP280/840)

/S3: Integral self test emergency function

LPC: Prismatic controller for the Eye Pack batten

LPR: Mild steel trough reflector finished in white

LPSR: Polished aluminium high rack reflector

WG: Wireguard which clips onto the LPR

Example order code:
LP135/FP01/840 – A 1x35 watt T5 Eye Pack 5ft luminaire which dims between 10% and 100% depending on presence and daylight detected by integral PIR. Supplied complete with lamps.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Lipack Dimensions

Lipack Dimensions

Lipack Datasheet

Lipack Photometry

Please contact us for further information regarding this product.

Lipack Accessories

Lipack - Ultra High Rack Reflectors

Ultra High Rack Reflectors

High peak intensity for use at very high levels and in warehouse aisles.

Ultra High Rack Reflectors Order Codes

Order Code L W
LP/UHR14/24/EYE 586 76
LP/UHR21/39/EYE 886 76
LP/UHR28/54/EYE 1186 76
LP/UHR35/49/80/EYE 1486 76
Lipack - T5 Prismatic Controller

T5 Prismatic Controller

A range of prismatic controllers extruded from ultraviolet polystyrene material for use with the T5 Eye Pack range. This is fitted at the point of manufacture, so must be ordered at the same time as the fitting and cannot be ordered as a seperate accessory.

T5 Prismatic Controller Order Codes

Order Code L W
LPC14/24/EYE 586 76
LPC21/39/EYE 886 76
LPC28/54/EYE 1186 76
LPC35/49/80/EYE 1486 76
Lipack - T5 Wire Guard Attachments

T5 Wire Guard Attachments

Wire guards clip onto metal reflector ensuring robust construction for lamp protection.

T5 Wire Guard Attachments Order Codes

Order Code L W
LP/WG14/24/EYE 594 138
LP/WG21/39/EYE 924 138
LP/WG28/54/EYE 1204 138
LP/WG35/49/80/EYE 1509 138
Lipack - T5 Trough Steel Reflectore

T5 Trough Steel Reflectore

A trough reflector suitable for use with single and twin lamp T5 Eye Pack luminaires. Manufactured from mild steel in a resilient white finish. This product is not designed to withstand onerous impacts from footballs/basketballs.

T5 Trough Steel Reflectore Order Codes

Order Code L W
LPR14/24/EYE 566 163
LPR21/39/EYE 866 163
LPR28/54/EYE 1166 163
LPR35/49/80/EYE 1466 163
Lipack - T5 Hi Lite Aluminium Reflectors

T5 Hi Lite Aluminium Reflectors

A polished aluminium reflector developed for use with single and twin T5 Eye Pack luminaires to produce best performance in high racking situations.

T5 Hi Lite Aluminium Reflectors Order Codes

Order Code L W
LPSR/49/80/EYE 1183 125
LPSR14/24/EYE 583 125
LPSR21/39/EYE 883 125
LPSR28/54/EYE 1220 125

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