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Purlieus IP65 (Discontinued)

  • Purlieus IP65
    Purlieus IP65

Surface Mounted Fluorescent Luminaire. For industrial and retail application.

A linear vandal resstant IP65 surface mounted luminaire ideal for internal and external applications, particularly in onerous environments prone to vandalism. Designed and manufactured to comply with EN 60598 and are CE certified

Standard Features

  • Certified ingress protection to IP65
  • Heavy guage seam welded body
  • Flat prismatic diffuser as standard
  • Stainless steel vandal resistant screws
  • High frequency control gear
  • Coulour 840 T5 lamps


  • Subways
  • Walkways

Purlieus IP65 Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
PUR14/HF/840 1 x 14W 750
PUR28/HF/840 1 x 28W 1352
PUR35/HF/840 1 x 35W 1652
PUR49/HF/840 1 x 49W 1652
PUR54/HF/840 1 x 54W 1352
PUR214/HF/840 2 x 14W 750
PUR228/HF/840 2 x 28W 1352
PUR235/HF/840 2 x 35W 1652
PUR249/HF/840 2 x 49W 1652
PUR254/HF/840 2 x 54W 1352

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/DSLV: High frequency digital dimming control gear (18w to 58w)

/M3: Integral maintained three hour emergency

/S3: Integral self test emergency function

/VSLV: High frequency analogue dimming control gear (1-10 volt control)

Example order code:
PUR235/HF/840 – A Purlieus 2 x 35 watt high ferquency IP65 luminaire. Supplied complete with lamps.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Purlieus IP65 Dimensions

Purlieus IP65 Dimensions

Purlieus IP65 Datasheet

Purlieus IP65 Photometry

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