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Rondo (Discontinued)

  • Rondo

Recessed Downlight. For general, retail and commercial application.

Versatile h­igh efficiency compact fluorescent downlight. Designed and manufactured to comply with EN 60598 and are CE certified.

Standard Features

  • Certified ingress protection to IP20
  • Decorative white ring as standard
  • Metalized polycarbonate reflector for optimum effiecency and zero iridescence
  • Mechanical fixings for secure installation in any ceiling type


  • Entrance lobbies
  • Client areas
  • Small offices
  • Retail and showrooms
  • Wash rooms

Rondo Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage Kg LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued Lumdat
RDL113 1 x 13W 1.0
RDL118 1 x 18W 1.0
RDL126 1 x 26W 1.2
RDL213 2 x 13W 1.3
RDL218 2 x 18W 1.3
RDL226 2 x 26W 1.8


Order Code Wattage Kg LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued Info
RDL132/HF 1 x 32W 0.8
RDL142/HF 1 x 42W 0.8
RDL232/HF 2 x 32W 0.9
RDL242/HF 2 x 42W 0.9

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/DSLV: DSI digital dimming

/FSLV: 10% standby dimming

/HF: High frequency

/R3: 3 hour maintained emergency function. Components are installed in an IP20 remote box.

RDL/FL: Fresnel lens

RDL/PC: IP44 Polycarbonate cover - maximum wattage 2x18W or 1x26W

Example order code:
RDL218/HF – A 2 x 18 watt downlight with high frequency ballast. supplied without lamps.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Rondo Dimensions

Rondo Dimensions

Rondo Datasheet

Rondo Photometry

RDL218 Photometry


RDL218/FL Photometry


RDL218/ML Photometry


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